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Olje za obnohtno kožico

Olje za obnohtno kožico

The GelBottle Oil combines oils and vitamins to soften cuticles and lock in moisture. A conditioning treatment that penetrates deeply and quickly, protecting against brittleness and breakage for healthier looking nails. Ideal for artificial nails and finishing touches to your manicure.

  • hitra absorbcija
  • vlaži, neguje in mehča obnohtno kožico
  • Non-greasy;
  • nežen osvežujoč vonj
  • spodbuja rast zdravih nohtov
  • zmanjšuje krhkost in lomljivost nohtov

HOW TO USE Apply the non-greasy oil to cuticles and bare or polished nails with the brush. Gently massage in to improve absorption and help moisturise and condition nails. Use daily to help keep natural nails and enhancements more flexible.

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