Brezplačna dostava za naročila nad 120€!

Električna pilica TGB PRO

You asked and we delivered (aren’t we good)…please host a warm reception for the new and improved TGB PRO E-FILE. We all know the best motors are German and that doesn’t change for this high-power, smooth moving E-file. Designed to move freely and easily with ultimate speed control the TGB E-file will soon become a removal essential in your salon… and like any true smooth operator, the TGB E-file looks gorgeous in any hand.

  • Made with precision in Germany
  • Ideal for removal of extensions
  • Perfect for removal of BIAB
  • Ergonomic, low vibrating stainless steel hand piece
  • Smooth action dial for easy speed control.
  • 2 leti garancije
  • Hitrost do 30.000 obratov na minuto
  • EU adapter
Are you a complete beginner interested to kickstart your career with TGB? Or an existing nail professional looking to convert to our products? Click here to learn more.


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