Brezplačna dostava za naročila nad 120€!


Introducing the buffing discs providing an industry-leading hygiene standard for baby-soft pedicures, in minutes!

This pack of replacement buffing discs is specifically designed for the TGB E-Foot File.

Each Grit 60 buffing disc can be easily applied and removed in between treatments, for efficient, hassle-free pedicure treatments that put hygiene first.

  • Grit 60
  • Designed to reveal smooth skin in minutes
  • Industry-leading hygiene standards with single treatment usage.
  • Easy to apply and remove, with self-adhesive backing.
  • Disposable and recyclable.
  • No need to clean manual buffers between treatments, simply remove and replace!
  • No need for rigorous manual buffing.
  • No need for slip-layers or treatments.
  • Keep tools looking clean, at all times.
  • 2mm depth, 43mm diameter.
  • Great quality, for great value: with cost of service just 15p per foot!


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